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NAMI Washington County Staff

Dave Mowry

Executive Director

Dave Mowry found NAMI in 2006 during his dark days and what he refers to as his lost years. NAMI changed Dave's life.

Dave has lived with bipolar disorder and severe anxiety all his adult life. He has experienced homelessness, felt extremely alone in his mental illness, and faced the stigma associated with bipolar disorder.

Dave's recovery started with NAMI and he is now healthy and able to give back as the executive director for NAMI of Washington County.

Dave is a best-selling author of his book, OMG That's Me! Bipolar Disorder, Depression, Anxiety, Panic Attacks, and more... which was recently number 1 on Amazon in the bipolar category.

Dave is also a certified peer support specialist.

Dave lives in Happy Valley with his wife Heather.

Shelley Turner

Operations Manager

My name is Shelley Turner. I would like to give to you a brief path if you will, into how I started my journey of mental illness. I am originally from Apache Junction, Arizona. I lived there until I was 12. Due to unforeseen circumstances, my father moved our family to Alaska in 1981. My mental illness was in full swing when I turned 15 yrs. although not identified as Bipolar, PTSD, Severe Anxiety, and Severe Depression at that time. Looking back after dealing with mental illness now 37 or so years later; I know this was the onset of when my very own mental health concerns began. Without going through every detail, I can tell you it was a roller coaster ride I did not want to be on. My behavior changed. I became a character of the symptoms associated with this illness. I felt like I was not in control of my own mind and body. Substances did not put me in this state of uncertainty and fear. It is an illness just like diabetes it is out of my control. However, I have skills and tools I have learned along the way to manage my illness.  
I have persevered and accomplished with having the mental health knowledge and tools I need to keep myself safe. I have a support network. A psychiatrist, therapist, medication management, friends, and family. I have discovered that the roller coaster I have been on has led to a successful change in my life. 
I now work for NAMI Washington County as the Operations Manager. I have been working with NAMI for the last 8 years, I previously worked for NAMI Anchorage in Alaska I have been with NAMI Washington County for 4 1/2 years. I contribute my success to NAMI and take pride in our mission. Our mission is to improve the lives of those affected by mental illness through support, education, and advocacy. I can honestly say, “I love my job.”

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