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Peer-based recovery supports are part of an emerging transformation of systems and services addressing substance use disorders. They are essential ingredients in developing a recovery-oriented system in which clinical treatment plays an important, but singular, role. Acute care substance use treatment without other recovery supports has often not been sufficient in helping individuals to maintain long-term recovery. Substance use disorders are currently understood to be chronic conditions that require long-term management, like diabetes. Peer-based recovery support provides a range of person-centered and strength-based supports for long-term recovery management. These supports help people in recovery build recovery capital—the internal and external resources necessary to begin and maintain recovery (Best & Laudet, 2010; Cloud & Granfield, 2008).

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Recovery Focused Peer Support


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Co-Occurring Support Group

Mental Health and Substance Use

The Co-Occurring group is a secular recovery peer support group
intended to be an alternative option to
traditional recovery programs.

What does it mean to be an
alternative to traditional
recovery models?

☆No Abstinence Requirement
☆No Fixed Narrative or Stigma Typically Associated
with Recovery
☆No Fixed Universal Recovery Model
☆Open to Those Who Have Tried Coping with their
Mental Health Condition Symptoms with Substances


This group will never tell anyone how to recover and always
respects an individual's autonomy to self-direct their
unique and personal recovery story.

This is a support group for those with mental health challenges who have a history of substance use. Open to all regardless of whether they identify as having substance abuse disorder or whether they are seeking complete abstinence from mind-altering substances. 

This group meets Mondays from 2:00 to 3:00 PM

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Recovery Support: Who We Are

PeerZone Workshop

In Partnership with MHAAO, NAMI Washington County is pleased to offer PeerZone.
PeerZone Workshops are a series of peer-led workshops for people who experience mental distress and addiction. The workshops provide a fun, interactive and safe structure for participants to share their experiences, learn self-management and expand their horizons.

Lived expertise


There are two types of expertise in this world. One type comes from theories and observation that lead to methods for solving other people’s problems. The other type comes from lived experience and reflection that leads to methods to solve our own problems.

Using our expertise to benefit others


PeerZone combines these two types of expertise. We used our lived experience to lead our own recoveries; now we’re adding the evidence from stories, formal research and evaluation to create programs and consultancy for the benefit of others.

This group meets on Tuesdays from 3:00 to 4:30 PM

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PeerZone Website

Recovery Support: About Us

​We are currently offering most support groups virtually through Zoom. If you have any questions or problems connecting to a group; please email our Operations Manager Shelley Turner at

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