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Peer Support Poem

I am Carr. I want to be an Intentional Peer Support Specialist because I’ve been at the bottom in need of support and help. I hope to be the person that I didn’t have during my lowest times. Connect: You come to NAMI Alone and in search Of understanding and commonality

Once I did the same What I found at NAMI Is Community

An answer to your fears Where we meet in the middle With my fears as well

I am you You are me Peers World View: Your voice might not have been heard But I am here to listen Where does your pain lie

You say Suicide could be your solution I thought once it was mine But this doesn't have to be your answer

You may see the world as black and white

But I’m here to tell you that there are more colors And you can always see a different one

Those dark shades will always be there But I believe brighter colors will always shine through To clear the darkness Mutuality: Although you might feel like this is only your struggle It is my struggle too I fight those dark shades as well

We’ve experienced the same ideation And have tried to both make that darkness Our only color

Your story is on the same quilt as my story Our stories are not separate But are woven side by side Moving Towards: I hope you have seen That we are more similar than different Where our similarities meet we will find a solution

We stand united Side by side As the colors blend together

Will you agree to construct A suicide prevention plan I will sit beside you as we make the plan together

From Helping to Learning: My purpose is to be your strength I will carry you when you stumble I will make sure you won’t fall From individual to Relationship: We are no longer strangers A relationship we have made To create a happier life From Fear to Hope/Possibility: We will no longer allow our fear to control us But will let hope light the way To the possibility of living and serenity

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