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Mental Health Providers Struggle To Meet Demand

Many folx are having a difficult time finding resources and support according to a NY Times article: No One Has Openings. As a result of COVID-19 restrictions, many people found themselves to be laid off, furloughed, or experienced a reduction in work hours. In this article, Jessica W. (name has been changed to protect privacy) was laid off and began experiencing symptoms of an eating disorder despite being in "remission." Jessica shares her experiences in this article as she faces anxiety and depression amid job-searching and applying for positions. Her anxiety and depression became so debilitating that she decided to seek help from a mental health professional. As she was discovering, many providers told her that they were not accepting new patients or did not respond to her requests. She states that is "emotionally draining to tell your story, but you have to be resilient." This is why it is important to find spaces such as peer support groups where people feel safe to share their stories and find strength in doing so.

If you are looking for resources in your area, find your local NAMI affiliate here!

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