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Inside Lisa Carson's Bipolar Disorder

In a recent article by AmoMama, Lisa Carson begins to open up about her mental illness: Bipolar Disorder. In the 90s, Lisa Carson rose up to fame quickly. However, as quickly as she became famous, she suddenly disappeared. Interestingly, when she was seen on sets, it was observed by others that she had very high energy levels in which she would twirl around. One of the medical drama producers at the time began to think about how her high energy levels had some deeper meaning. Actually, he was confident that she was exhibiting signs and symptoms of Bipolar disorder.

​When she was in New York City, she was having a great time catching up with family when out of nowhere, she unexpectedly started screaming and throwing things. She raised enough attention for community members to call an ambulance in which she was hospitalized for a few weeks and given her diagnosis, Bipolar Disorder.

​As a famous actress, she was hesitant to talk openly about her lived experiences, but now she knows it is as important as ever to speak up.


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