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Anxiety + Panic Attacks Spiraling Out of Control?

According to an article from Popular Science, panic attacks can happen to anyone and the best thing to do is to reflect and talk about these feelings with a trusted person in your life. Recognizing the onset of signs and symptoms can be helpful in preventing anxiety attacks. In fact, anxiety triggers a "flight or fight" response: your heart rate is increasing, you start sweating, or you feel tingling or dizzy bodily sensations throughout your body. Remember that panic attacks can come on suddenly even without an obvious stressor or trigger. Professionals recommend trying some breathing exercises since increased oxygen from breathing can help your muscles relax and restore your vital signs such as your heart rate. Another way to overcome anxiety is to practice "grounding" techniques in which one focuses on physical objects, then lists the number or color of them. Overall, it is important to be aware of how you feel on a daily basis and to check-in with yourself. Some questions to ask yourself throughout the day could be: "Did I drink enough water?" "When was the last time I moved?" Remember to practice self-care during these challenging times.


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